Our Projects

Quechua Project

Living above 10,000 feet: Mostly agricultural communities, the Quechua farm the rich soil of the high mountain region of the Andes Range. Many of their traditional foods are known around the world and the original seed stocks are still preserved here (mainly potatoes and quinoa). The project explores daily life and focuses on the personal stories various community members want to share.

Bedouin of the Negev

Many years ago I wanted to visit a Bedouin village. I was warned by many that the Bedouins still living in the desert are dangerous, "a closed society", and that I should not go there. This is the story focused on the Bedouin family that took me in during my time in the central Negev/Naqab desert. I intend to document this family and their broader community including their significant kindness which shattered the negative misconceptions cast toward them.

Standing Rock Spirit Camps

What started in April as just a lone tent and campsite to protest a major oil pipeline being run on treaty lands just upstream of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation, has blossomed into 3 cooperative camps of more than 4000 people with the common goal of Standing with Standing Rock. Representatives from more than 90 First People Tribes have brought their tents, tipis, horses, canoes, and even a wood carved totem pole to stand in solidarity alongside their family. Letters and Resolutions of support from hundreds of more tribes and communities around the world have poured in.

Camphill Village: Kimberton Hills

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is a nonprofit organization, intentional community, and farm that is dedicated to creating a community where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and recognition of each individual’s gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society. We are over 100 people with and without disabilities, sharing our daily life, in ways that are both intentionally therapeutic and intentionally personal.

Jamaica Project

The Jamaica Project is a collection of material based on 3 months living and working with Jamaicans from all over the Island. The core mission is to create unfiltered awareness and take down any stereotypes of Jamaica that are inaccurate. The stories and experiences from a diverse range of locals exemplify the national motto: "Out of Many, One People". By exploring this concept and relating to the people directly representing themselves and their culture, it is our hope that this motto may one day describe more than just this Island.