Project Description

Camphill Village: Kimberton Hills

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is a nonprofit organization, intentional community, and farm that is dedicated to creating a community where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and recognition of each individual’s gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society. We are over 100 people with and without disabilities, sharing our daily life, in ways that are both intentionally therapeutic and intentionally personal. There are currently 44 residents with developmental disabilities, 29 of whom are elderly, and 51 resident volunteers (and their children), both long-term and short-term, who share their lives together in 16 homes across the village.

The project focuses on personal stories of the people who choose this village as their home. Videos and Articles will be shared when complete.

  • What do you want people who have never visited here to know about this community?
  • What are the misconceptions you would like to address?
  • Any other special topics or stories you want to share?… your favorite thing about living here?

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills Website