Standing Rock message from Janet of Texas

We are in Texas and support the peaceful way the Water Protectors have protested. From the Texas stand point, we have another problem. We can get very dry. very fast and our lake water and aquifers dissipate. There has been heavy fracking going on for at least the past 12 years that I really noticed a start of earthquakes. I moved to the Burleson/ Crowley area about then and was unloading my entertainment center in the move next to my car. The earth shook so hard that the entertainment center fell on my car. The owner of the small house I was renting explained to me that the quakes had started with all the fracking in the area. I started to take notice then of all the many tarped fences for fracking sites that I was passing in the area. The fracking spread to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and the earthquakes came to the metroplex with the fracking. We were seeing patients in the 8-story building at Douglas Plaza when the building shook so hard, that we all were astounded. There was no one that could remember earthquakes in Dallas. Since then there has been many quakes in the Dallas area. At least 20 plus in short periods of time and the center seems to be under the old Dallas Cowboys stadium.

To get the raw materials out of the earth, such as in fracking, they must flush it out with our water. In Cedar Hill area, the city government sold the lake water to the fracking people without the consent or telling the surrounding area’s people. Their lake was already low in drought condition. We now have had our first earthquake in Collinsville, Texas where I live now.

It is just another day of big business and government raping the resources of Mother Earth. The impact is far reaching and destroys and slowly kills the earth and along with it the indigenous inhabitants of animals, peoples, mountains and Mother Earth’s beatific tapestry and below her very body. Mother Earth is not safe from the depletion of the resources that take from Her body that She feeds us from. This is her inheritance that we pass onto all of our children. Soon there will be no inheritance, from our beautiful planet, to pass on to our children. We have spent our inheritance and our children’s on luxuries for the easy buck!

The Water Protectors are protecting earth’s waters at Standing Rock but the oil/ gas people are using our water to take even the last resources from the earth. The pockets of natural gas are a part of the body holding up the “skin” of Mother Earth. The emptiness of loss of structures needs to be filled somehow and the earth moves to fill those voids, the best She can to heal Herself. Thank you for listening.

-Janet Wohlgemuth