Spring Bird Migration over Standing Rock has begun!

Spring Migration has begun over Standing Rock. I caught this flock at sunset last night as we prepared to do final cleaning of our Winter Camp. For many, a deep purpose they came to stand for is the continued cycles of nature such as this bird migration. Many want all future children of the earth to also see the Northern birds fly South in the Fall and come bearing hope in the early Spring.

*Notice the bird in the middle. We were laughing because he was taking advantage of the wakes without cutting a piece of new air. He may be hurt and they are letting him rest for now. It is common for flocks to rotate out the lead bird during the journey to share the stress. If a bird can no longer fly with the group, a healthy bird normally falls out of the group to give the hurt bird a chance to heal and fly again as a pair within a few days… and some call humans civilized over the other animals.