Jamaican Letter on Standing Rock

Shared anonymously by a Jamaican/American (Jamerican)

(Language and grammar are intentional)

I think from a typical view point who would hear about the protests, who are not native to North Dakota,…..would be a response like….don’t they want or use oil? So why are they opposed if they use oil and it would make getting it easier…cheaper, safer. This is such a shallow response. As if we all agree that possessions and material gains trump every reason to do something a different way.


My point is that, I think it is ok for them to protest and push out the pipe line…for possibly a reason that cannot be understood by my people. I think that you half to explore their view and their experience.. I am sure it would be understood then and then we would say……ok we will not put the pipe line through your land…..because as simply as one could say…you don’t want it there …that is all  that is needed for us to not put the line there. Sure if you care to look into it deeper then I would think that they don’t want it there so that they can hold on to their history and culture. who’s fore fathers died trying to hold on to their people’s culture. Who they are is everything to them which goes above material things. If they would be for it…they would just be saying…yep im for the American way. Has the American way every been to their advantage????


Let them keep their land the way they want it.  It’s not ours to decide anyway. Its more theirs then ours.