Summer Internships


Trystan Foundation is an all-volunteer nonprofit that uses art and media to create “Awareness of Our World Community”. Our internships are designed for those that want significant experience in processing raw material into finished work for both videos and photography. Select the intern focus to learn more of the specifics. General information is below the intern focuses.

Project Options:

  1. The Jamaica Project focuses on single subject conversations with a single camera. It requires condensing of the videos into a long-form video and multiple clips. Care must be taken to make a meaningful organization to the conversation. B-roll is incorporated in to hide cuts.
  2. Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is a b-roll intensive project that includes a short documentary format and focused subject video clips.
  3. Standing Rock video conversations
  4. Camphill is a smaller project that focuses on explaining the community principles of a movement that treats people with special needs as equal and productive members of the village. This is a wonderful community and there are interviews with international volunteers and long term residents of all degrees of special needs.
  5. There are opportunities to bring small pieces of individual conversations together with a narrative or other material to produce a mini-documentary if interested in exploring later in the Summer.

Desired Skills:

  • Organize raw video clips of interview discussion in a thoughtful and flowing way
  • Incorporate b-roll and cuts for a professional and project consistent look
  • Color correction and reframes (audio cleaning is a plus)
  • Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition

Project Options:

  1. The Jamaica Project focuses on creating self-representation for local Jamaicans that are commonly misunderstood or negatively stereotyped. The photobook will be organized using InDesign and prepared for publication in cooperation with article and caption writers. Styling to fit a theme brings opportunity for Photoshop work to accent the photos and written material. (The photobook will complement the video project for Jamaica that is about 60 video conversations with local Jamaicans).
  2. Art Galley/Shop materials: Using materials from the various projects, you will go with your creativity to down-select and prepare art prints, canvas wraps, and other merchandising or art gallery display materials. Some will be produced for Art shows and conferences while others will be used for fundraising.
  3. Sub-branding proposals for upcoming project releases: Create themed splash screens and logo transforms to merge with cultural symbols of upcoming major projects.
  4. Photobook on Standing Rock: down-selection, organization, color correction, and Layout.
  5. Painting, pottery, and other creative side projects based on your interests and our needs.

Desired Skills:

Color Correction, Upsampling of Photos

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

General Information

Work Style:

We prefer to have a day of collaboration on a weekly basis through most weeks of the Summer. Normally this is on Mondays. You can work remotely or in the studio the other days based on your preference. Mondays are reasonably serious and it is used for collaborating between members if we are supporting one another on the sub-projects. We also critique and review materials. The other days are more casual and can be individual or collaborative based on preferred work styles of each team member. 24-32 hours per week is common for the core work, and additional fun projects can be undertaken based on your interest: such as learning pottery turning or sculpting from a local artist, gardening or beekeeping, and… river rafting.

Work Environment:

Lunch area has a full kitchen and refrigerator. Interested team members can cook a group meal and a few grill outs are common throughout the Summer. Dietary restrictions and considerations are respected as we are multi-cultural from our beginning.

Timeframe /Commitment:

At least 9 work weeks of the Summer are needed. Start and end dates are flexible. Personal leave is respected, but we prefer a week notice when possible.


Credit will be given for all contributions to the project and professional letter is available based on your work.

A weekly food stipend is included in your personal benefits. In addition, local/organic produce is seasonally available from our own garden.

Housing for the Summer is offered in the Gillsville, GA area if interested.

Modest funding for a personal project will be considered based on your proposals (video or photo or other creative project which advances “Awareness of Our World Community”)

Course credit is an additional option to review.


Please include the following information in your application with your Resume and send to: [email protected]

  1. Major and Year
  2. Start and End Dates (estimate)
  3. Do you have any conflicts with a Monday Collaboration Day? If so, what day can you commit to a group meeting?
  4. Why are you interested in this work?
  5. What projects are you most interested in working on and what are your specialties?
  6. Languages other than English (note Written or Spoken and Level)
  7. Are you interested in the housing option?

Downtown Market in Kingston, Jamaica

Trey Davenport, volunteer, and Ajul Tamang, friend from Nepal, discuss Bedouin Culture this Winter at Standing Rock.

Sunset upriver from the Standing Rock Camps during the deep Winter.