Guiding Principles

At our core, we believe each person has a right to represent themself. We make our best effort to give this opportunity to people and communities around the world through art and media. Many are already misunderstood or misrepresented, but we volunteer ourselves and equipment to do our best to make it right.
We love stories and creating a human connection between the storytellers and the audience. Feeling a connection to another human erodes hatred and stops oppression. The darkest times in human history have been when a people were outcast as unrelated, savage, untouchable, the other… the attempt at dissociation takes many forms. We are for reassociation and rebuilding the relationships: bringing Awareness of Our World Community.
It is a super power! It is key to tearing down the fake walls that separate us and is important to bringing about genuine understanding and conversations. Many of the opinions and stories do not align with our individual perspectives, but with an open heart, all ideas can be given consideration and respect.
We are not swayed by financial or political interests. Truth is the heart of Awareness and it cannot be reduced down to one side or one perspective. The truth lies somewhere inside all the documentation we collect and we can only share our portion of the much larger story. We do attempt to gather diverse perspectives and are open to crossing the boundaries to give the opportunity for any side to share their view. In the end, the truth the listener takes home is their own and not for us to define.

Kitten of Wadi Aricha, Bedouin Village in the Negev Desert

Financial Principles

Awareness is our currency.

Shared freely and never devalued.

Within the organization, we do not pay a salary or wage to anyone, but we do cover modest food and shelter costs while a volunteer is on assignment.  This allows us to put all funds toward projects.

How pleasant it is to be doing something that you believe in such that you don’t have to be paid to do it. While on field assignment, it is a great experience to not have to worry about your own human needs and be free to create art and enjoy your work.

We are nonprofit in terms of paper money. We are for profit in terms of Our Currency.

Trystan Foundation Profit: when a project is able to cover its own costs and fund a portion of a future project. Any amount above covering the cost of the project is used to branch out into future projects. Extra Awareness of Our World Community is the profit and it is not taxable nor does it lose value over time.

The budgets for our projects are kept very low. Volunteers commonly work as volunteers for a local community organization in addition to their Foundation assignment. This allows a deeper connection in the community and sometimes helps cover food and shelter costs through the local organization.

We do still have some expenses: transportation (though we do use our feet a lot), equipment repairs and upgrades, passport and visa fees, and investments in creating and sharing the published material. Our travel expenses are a fraction of the federal reimbursement rate and we are proud of that!

A good night’s sleep in the Amazon Rainforest begins with the warmth of friendship.

The Documents and Forms

Download the PDF version of these documents by clicking the icon. Federal Filings are updated annually after filing in mid-April and when other major changes occur. Foundation documents are updated after board approval and subsequent review period is complete.

If you have other questions about the Foundation then contact us.

Core Team

Trey Davenport
Trey DavenportDirector
Many friends have helped bring this Foundation to be and I am so glad to be along for the ride with the occasional chance to touch the tiller.

My favorite part of the work is the interview conversations and the community experiences while on assignment with my “extended family” around the world. I am amazed at how skilled the volunteers are at creating published material from my attempts to use a camera.

I have a deep love for nature, sustainable agriculture, and trying on and even integrating new perspectives into my own life. Truth is absolute, individual, and ever evolving with awareness…for me!

Salman Sadan
Salman SadanDirector
Tribe leader of Wadi Aricha in the Negev Desert.

Wadi Aricha is a progressive sustainable farming community in the Negev Desert that is actively collaborating with the local governing council, Ramat HaNegev, to create a cultural protected area where the community lives now. Currently, the settlement is destroyed every 3-5 years as the desert dwelling lifestyle of traditional Bedouin is not recognized at the national level. We always rebuild our homes and replant our olive trees while hoping for peace.

Heather Head
Heather HeadDirector
I joined Trystan Foundation for the Winter project at Standing Rock Reservation. It was a cold and harsh environment, but I lived more there in 4 months than the last years of my life.

I focus on the photography side, but work on all aspects. Coming from an alternative background, I have a sensitivity to other alternative lifestyle choices and plan to work heavily on upcoming projects regarding this topic.

Sam Davenport
Sam DavenportCFO
With more than 20 years of banking and finance experience, my favorite work has been in helping the local hispanic community better themselves through financial planning and loan assistance.

I also enjoy life kayaking on the lake, grilling on the weekend, and flats fishing. I am owned by 2 cats.

Project Teams

Jamaica Project

Trey Davenport
Trey DavenportField Volunteer and Project Director
I arrived in Jamaica not knowing what to expect. From the first week in Rollington Town-Kingston, I was greeted with a deep kindness and openness. It set the tone for the rest of the 3 months. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to present my experience in Jamaica and allow the locals to represent themselves.

I lived and worked all over the Island, from a Rasta coffee farm in the Blue Mountains to a fish pot boat in Coolie Town, Sav La Mar.

Karl and Renae Linde
Karl and Renae LindeField Support and Cultural Insight
Renae is from Harmons, Manchester Parish, Jamaica and Karl has lived in the community for many years including running a local business. They have both experienced many places abroad as well and have very special insight into Jamaican culture.

Their family was a host during the filming around Harmons. Karl and Renae are also supporting portions of the captioning for the photobook and Patois subtitling of the video interviews.

Alana Casto
Alana CastoVideo Editor Summer 2016
Andrea Rahandini
Andrea RahandiniVisual Designer Summer 2016
Jet Craven
Jet CravenVideo Editor Fall 2016